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Knowledge can
take you anywhere

By combining Super Artificial intelligence database with our powerful Bot trader, members can reach their goals more quickly and easily than previously possible.

The foreign exchange market, most exciting and captivating markets in the financial world. From Central banks, and the global banking community, to national governments. From multinational corporation to tens of millions of home-based traders, forex is for everyone.

Manarabot ensures the best possible chance of success for experienced traders and those brand new to forex.

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Introducing Manarabot

Built on Blockchain, DEFI, with a Smart Contract and Proof of Liquidity pool.

The way the network works is very simple to understand.

Manarabot is simply a forex abitrage ecosystem buying low in one market and selling high in another market automatically. In the entire market ecosystem, this can be done between different exchanges and broker.

In Manarabot, the arbitrage trading is designed to run on 24/7 Automation using various APIs.
No human agent!
No clicking to trade at intervals!
No sleepless nights!

The System constantly scans all the exchanges using Artificial Super Intelligence (ASI) to spot the best arbitrage trade. It executes the trade within a minute using High Frequency Trade (HFT) mode. It makes profit, converts it to USDT and returns. It is programmed to do up to thousands of trades in a day in high frequency trade (HFT)

Since the System uses ASI to constantly scan the markets for the best possible trade before execution with HFT, the possibility of losses in Manara trading is extremely low. We stands to shock the entire market by performance with our robots.

An investor only needs to deposit a minimum of $100 above into his Manara account wallet and watch it grow 1% daily.

Withdrawal is possible at the end of each 24hr cycle within a 15min interval before another 24hr cycle begins. The processing of withdrawals is super fast, using the latest Microchip technology that can process 2.5million withdrawals per minute.

There are no withdrawal limits whatsoever, but a minimum balance of $100 should be maintained to avoid loss of your account and to continue the trade cycles and profit making. At the end of the 15mins allowed for withdrawal, the System takes all the available balance (Min $100) in the investor's wallet into the trading pool for another 24hrs trading cycle.

The appropriate time for withdrawal is determined by noting the exact time of your account activation. Profit is added to all users after 24 hours circle.

At the end of 24hrs, *1% ROI* + initial Capital, goes to the investor's wallet daily while any additional profit made is left in the liquidity pool to accommodate future increment of daily ROI % as the community grows, and to serve as shock absorber, in case the market experiences any glitch like low volatility or unusual price crash.

Manara is SOLID; it's built to last. As long as Buyers and Sellers exist in the entire Forex & Crypto market ecosystem, that creates the market for Manara Bot. Thus, we will continue to make profits and create wealth for its investors.


eTrading With An Advantage

We designed a platform to take both beginners and knowledgeable traders to a new level of success, teaching fundamental skills and competencies, tools and mindset necessary to become consistently profitable.

The difference between START and STOP is how much dedication you put on it, and trading is dedication.

We converged a great team and a platform with creative methods and extraordinary ways to allow our clients to line up in their goals. The foreign exchange market, worldly known as forex or FX is one of the most astonishing, fast-moving and captivating markets in the financials. Notorious to be the domain of broad institutions, high wealth individuals and central banks, the internet has allowed everyone to participate in the multi-online currency trading.

Who Is It For

The difference now is knocking on your door

Our main focus is on Artificial Super Intelligence technology (ASI) to analyze data, accurately predict trades, mitigate risks and achieve higher returns effectively for all our passive income earners. It is worth getting to know us.


  1. Speed and Efficiency: Our Al trading robots can analyze vast amounts of financial data and execute trades at lightning-fast speeds. They eliminate human limitations.
  2. Data-Driven Decision Making: Our Al trading robots rely on sophisticated algorithms and machine learning techniques to process historical and real-time market data.
  3. Reduced Emotional Bias: Emotional decision-making is a common pitfall for human traders. Fear and greed can influence their choices, leading to impulsive and suboptimal trades. Al trading robots, being free of emotions, execute trades based solely on predefined strategies and data, leading to more consistent and disciplined trading behavior.
  4. 24/7 Availability: Our Al trading robots can work around the clock, analyzing markets and executing trades without the need for human intervention.
  5. Risk Management: Our Al trading robots can incorporate robust risk management strategies, including stop-loss orders and position sizing techniques.
  6. Efficiency: Our Al robots can perform tasks with speed and accuracy that surpass human capabilities. They can analyze large datasets, process information, and execute actions much faster.
  7. Precision: Our Al robots are designed to minimize errors and perform tasks with consistent precision.

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$50 minimum withdrawal and $100 minimum deposit. No max withdrawal or deposit. Make 1% daily profit and 30% ROI. Get 10% Referral bonus when you bring a friend with your link.

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